Innovation and functionality: the winning partnership between Giflor and Genera

The synergy between Giflor and Genera is more than just a business partnership: it is the union between two Italian companies that share values, vision and passion for excellence.

In the field of cosmetics and personal care manufacturing, competition reaches extremely high levels, and innovation is often the key to success. This is why establishing solid and strategic partnerships turns out to be of paramount importance to emerge. Giflor and Genera, a specialized personal care and hygiene brand belonging to the historic Padua-based company Fairness, have joined forces in a collaboration that has brought tangible benefits to both the companies involved and the end consumers.

Genera, committed to providing high-quality products at affordable prices, found in Giflor the ideal partner to ensure functional, aesthetically pleasing and safe closures for its products. The choice of Giflor closures was guided by the quality of materials, innovative design, and the ability to adapt to the needs of the cosmetic industry.

Among the solutions selected by Genera, two models that have revolutionized the user experience for consumers stand out: art. 838 and art. 815

Just Colors cap art. 838 38/400 has proven to be an ideal option for bottles containing Genera sunscreen products. The bottle's distinctive wide neck makes it easy to fill, while the cap's dispensing hole (of 3.5 mm) allows for easy distribution of the dense sunscreen liquids. The novelty of the two-tone design and low profile has added a touch of modernity and practicality, while ensuring an airtight and secure closure. The ability to keep the bottle in a top-down position made the user experience even more convenient when running out of product.

The cap art. 815, initially introduced for the Genera Dolce Natura line, has established itself as an essential element throughout the product range. Its versatility and two-tone design were immediately appreciated by customers and became a distinctive feature of the line. Again, the ability to hold the bottle in a top-down position makes the user experience more convenient when running out of product.

The partnership between Giflor and Genera is not simply limited to the supply of caps, but is a true combination of innovation, quality and reliability.
Customer satisfaction has been so great that other Fairness managed brands have chosen Giflor caps for their products, confirming the value and reliability of this winning partnership.


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