"Pure sweetness, always the right size"

Diete.Tic is a liquid sweetener made with an exclusive patented formula, designed to meet the need to sweeten without sugar but also without the compromises in taste that distinguish most sweeteners on the market today. The liquid form and the immediate solubility make this product particularly suitable for hot and cold drinks, while its resistance to high temperatures allows its use also in the preparation of low-calorie cakes.

In the light of the special formulation, Diete.Tic provides a unique and innovative proposal among the current sweeteners: a brand positioning that has oriented the company to choose a customized closure system for its packaging. Giflor's design work, developed on the basis of the customer's indications, focused in particular on the “dispensing aspect”: the cap created for the Diete.Tic Pocket 25 ml, Diete.Tic 50 ml and Diete.Tic 50 Stevia references is in fact able to always dispense drops of similar size, guaranteeing the consumer ease of use and an almost perfect dosage  every time. In this case, therefore, the customized closure system, which was developed thanks to the synergic collaboration between Diete.Tic and Giflor, proves to be a fundamental tool to enhance the unique qualities of the product


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