Published 14 January 2020


Much effort for a more sustainable and better planet is being made in 2020.
To strengthen this ever growing green commitment and constantly staying ahead of the times, Giflor Closure Technologies is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with the Slovenian company Sibo for the market development and launch of the patented Eco Low Profile line for laminate tubes.

Thanks to a recently born partnership between Giflor and Sibo, based on a licensing model, Giflor’s exclusive and innovative tube closure system which uses up to 50% less plastic than conventional tube closures, will be available to clients in the spring of this year.

More specifically, the industrial production will begin around the month of April and will revolutionize the way laminate tube closures are conceived. Traditional heavy closures are now able to be replaced with extremely small-size and minimalist elegant designs which offer a lightweight packaging option. This option utilizes less plastic material which aids in a reduced carbon footprint.

Moreover, the ELP tube collection has a large impact on the size of the package footprint, thereby generating logistic savings which have remarkably positive effects on the environment.

Italian company Giflor srl and Slovenian manufacturer Sibo will be partnering for the production and sale of, respectively ELP caps (Giflor) and ELP shoulders (Sibo); this two-company industrial project is meant to provide the tube market with the highest level of expertise as well as an original design in the packaging field. Giflor is a plastic closure specialist and the pioneer of the ELP original concept, while Sibo is an outstanding manufacturer in the tube shoulder segment.

“One Material, one Vision” is the strategic statement that marks this cooperation.  Among the priorities for 2020 are recyclable ready tubes (meaning a tube and closure system made from the same polymer). This will facilitate the 100% recycling stream while saving at least 20% in weight of the entire package, thereby making a 25% more efficient packout.

“While the ELP range benefits the environment with its smaller size closures, Giflor’s exemplary product design has proven that a smaller size can be just as impacting as a larger one”.
This is the highlight of Giflor’s direction. As brands look for inspirational, but also simple ways to improve their sustainable credentials, Giflor’s ELP closure collection has growingly gained traction. This has been accomplished by initially connecting with the bottles and now with a design tailor-made for tubes.“Preserving nature and having minimum impact on the natural environment are high on our priority list”, states Sibo’s team.

With this philosophy in mind and joining forces, Giflor and Sibo will be strengthening their market positions as sustainable solution providers of the original ELP design, boosting their market presence and capacity by leveraging their respective sales networks.

This is a major innovative step forward towards an eco-friendly product developed through design and manufacture of tube packages.

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