Giflor’s agents meeting october 2nd: breeding ideas for the future

Published 9 October 2019

October 2nd has been an important date for Giflor. Partners and agents from around the world joined together to participate in Giflor’s 2019 conference on the corporate future strategy.

Among the various milestones of the global meeting, special focus was put on sharing with the team the key strategic concepts which are driving the business to the next step: Growing Together, Going Green Together, Innovating Together. Inspiration was drawn from these three main topics of the year to gear joint actions and move actively, strongly and consistently into Giflor’s Vision.

More than just an agents’ conference, this event represented a true seminar and global workshop to empower and connect teams, to leverage and build on their strong market knowledge and distinctive features with the aim of opening new horizons towards tomorrow’s business landscape.
At Giflor, people are the key drivers of the brand and business development plan, around whom we are constructing a green culture and a strong innovation-oriented corporate philosophy.
Aspects that highlight how people are at the heart of the company since they effectively convey worldwide those distinctive nuances of Giflor’s Made in Italy market proposition.

We would like to thank all our colleagues for engaging in our 2-day event and for sharing with us valuable ideas to continue improving and growing our business together.

Thanks to all our partners for committing and being part of this important journey, for enthusiastically supporting Giflor in the effort to establish the brand across the globe.

Giflor’s Team

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