ELP recyclable ready tubes are born

Published 30 October 2020



With ELP recyclable ready tubes are born. (from COM.PACK Magazine, ed. 46-2020)

Giflor Closure Technologies sets another milestone on the path towards sustainable packaging and circular economy: after an intense period of development and testing, the Italian caps manufacturer officially announces the launch on the market of the brand new laminate Monomaterial Tube incorporating the ELP patented closure system.

Partnering  with two specialised companies in the field (a manufacturer of shoulders and a producer of tubes), Giflor’s ELP cap is welded onto a laminate sustainable tube suitable for manifold applications in the food, healthcare and cosmetic industry; the recyclable ready tube system (meaning a tube and closure system made from the same polymer) is entirely made of polypropylene, thus facilitating 100% the recycling stream. In fact, as neck, shoulder and tube are made of the same material, the ELP tube components must not be separated before recycling and can be recycled all at once, as a unique piece.

Not only faster and easier recycling, but also less plastic used. As for others Giflor’s products and projects born in recent years, the ELP system stands out as a “two times green” solution: while easing the 100% recycling stream, it also significantly reduces the amount of virgin plastic used thanks to the downsized design of the ELP 772 closure. With the lowest height (only 10 millimetres) and volume in its category, Giflor’s ELP cap uses up to 50% less plastic than conventional tube closures. This has a large impact on the size of the package footprint and saves a least 20% in total package weight.

Moreover the ELP 772 model ensures considerable logistic savings: the reduced tube neck height allows for additional trays to be added to the cartons (+25% pack out), thereby reducing in remarkable way the shipping costs.

Last but not least, while the ELP range benefits the environment with its smaller size closures, Giflor’s exemplary product design provides brands with an inspirational way to improve their sustainable credentials. And a green pack is always a good reason for a client to choose and prefer a brand.

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