Eco Low Profile art. 770 for Ø35mm tubes

Published 23 March 2022

At Gilfor, the words sustainability and innovation always go together. Our never-ending quest for eco–responsible closure solutions started in 2005 with the design of the first ultra-thin and light caps. Soon after that, we were the first producers to develop and launch on the market a line of Eco Low Profile (ELP) closures for bottles first, and for tubes short after that, featuring our innovative ELP art. 772 flip-top cap for 50mm diameter tubes. Keeping the Eco Low Profile at the center of our research, and thanks to the cooperation with our key international partners, we developed a complete packaging solution that is ideal for Ø50mm monomaterial tubes. In 2021, the ELP art. 772 was awarded by the Tube Council and took gold in the “Best innovative components or process” category in partnership with SIBO Group.

It is precisely this last patent that contributed to further expand the horizons of the project and of Giflor itself. Following the success of the ELP line for tubes, we intensified the collaboration with our Slovenian partner, Kim Pai Tuba, with the aim of expanding the range of solutions for this type of packaging and of creating a “family” of closures applicable to tubes of different diameter. The focus of Giflor’s R&D department in the past year has been on designing a compact, sustainable, innovative closure for tubes Ø35mm.

What came out from it was Giflor’s Eco Low Profile flip-top cap art. 770.

The ELP art. 770 cap is ideal for 35mm diameter tubes, it offers the highest levels of design and functionality combined with minimal environmental impact. Thanks to its compact design, it is made with 50% less plastic and with significantly lower energy consumption compared to traditional closures. The reduced height of the cap – approximately 10mm, contribute to reduce the overall packaging by 20% and the shipping costs by 50%* (cap only), while increasing the pack out by 25%.

When combined with PP laminated tubes, the ELP art. 770 is the secret ingredient to create a slender and elegant “recycle ready” packaging. Since both the shoulder and the cap are made of the same material, the tube can be easily recycled as a single piece.

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