Italian design, cutting-edge technologies, the highest flexibility, excellent service and eco responsibility.

All of this is Giflor Closure Technologies, an Italian company specialising in the production of injection-moulded plastic caps .

For the past 50 years, our innovative closure systems have been designed for different markets and product sectors, both nationally and internationally. From cosmetics to personal care, from food to parapharmaceutical and OTC products: Giflor caps are now part of the everyday life of millions of people all over the world, standing out for their unique appearance and ease of use.

Our business is constantly evolving, however our goal has always remained the same: to identify and meet customer needs. We offer to companies who choose us, tailor-made solutions manufactured with style, technological innovation, and short and guaranteed delivery times.







Italian Design

BRC Certified

ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 Certified


Continuous investments in R&D and product patents, care for the environment, process and product quality certifications, functional and aesthetic values of our closures make Giflor a globally recognized leader in this sector. Starting from Italy, today we successfully operate in Europe, North and South America, Asia and North Africa. Our constantly updated map bears witness to our increasingly international character.

Beyond the exceptional selection of plastic closures for bottles and tubes, we've ventured into new horizons.
In 2023, Giflor successfully acquired ITAP, one of the leading European producer of taps for all bag-in-box solutions, a venture that we proudly co-founded in 2014. With its impeccable market presence and a solid global reputation, we have proudly transformed ITAP a brand by Giflor into a distinguished brand under the Giflor umbrella. These extraordinary taps have revolutionized the way liquids are dispensed in the food sector. From wines and juices to water and edible oils, ITAP taps combine precision and quality.


As a manufacturer specialized in the moulding of closures for bottles and tubes, Giflor Closure Technologies stands out for its respect and commitment towards the environment.

We invest in the future of the planet we live on, which is why environmental sustainability is one of our key principles: every day we work to reduce our environmental impact, both in the production of plastic caps by injection moulding and in the end product and the related supply chain. A virtuous circle that we drive through the use of recyclable materials, processed using the latest machinery that significantly reduces energy consumption and the amount of raw materials used. GREEN COMMITMENT

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