Pubblicato il 22 Febbraio 2021

Interview Mr Sebastien Robert

Sebastien Robèrt, representing Saccof Packaging, main distributor of Giflor in France, gives us an insight into the importance and challenges of the distribution business during a pandemic.

Mr Robèrt, in your long-term experience in the packaging world, what are the values associated with local distribution?
Nowadays we are adapting to unexpected new rules of doing business and I would like to emphasize the importance of “buy and make local” distribution strategy.  The crucial values of this strategy are:
   Enhanced sales opportunity;
   Prompt delivery from stock;
   Safety stock;
   Wide choice;
   Flexibility and reliability;
   Available combination of bottle + closure;
   Long term relationship.

In a world dominated by “short channels”, how can distribution stand out?
A modern distributor has to be able to meet the ever-changing consumer demand, namely:
   Customers often prefer to work with local suppliers;
   Grant a reliable service;
   Just in time delivery;
   Start up new business with small size project.

How did you acquire new clients during the pandemic?
We have acquired new customers through different ways:
   Main one is done from the activities of our Sales Team (composed by 15 people) who developed strong and trusty relationships with historical and new potential customers;
   We received requests through different digital tools (website, social media etc.)
   Our own factories and selected partners provided us with potential leads directly to us.

What is the lesson you learned for the future?
For a good stockist, it is necessary to follow the below rules:
   Stock management is essential and strategic;
   Prompt reaction and delivery to customers’ inquiries/orders;
   Maintain a flexible price policy;
   Grant a prompt and reliable logistic service.

Thanks Sebastien from Giflor team!

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