Giflor plastic closures are the ideal choice for the Food industry.
We produce a wide variety of closures for food products, with a design conceived to guarantee excellent shelf impact and product integrity in the competitive, specialist food industry.
They offer the ideal solution in terms of compatibility for products such as sauces and seasonings, thanks to tested, FDA-certified raw materials, the presence of different types of seals guarantees excellent airtight performance and prevent leakage, keeping the product fresh and allowing it to last longer.
The use of these seals guarantees that the packaging is intact and that the content is preserved.
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  • Screw-on coupling and crab claw sealing (snap-on coupling and bore seal for tubes) to adapt to different neck requirements and prevent leakages
  • Flip-top opening
  • Classic or innovative design and shapes
  • The production process is already focused on Food and Cosmetics standards
  • Specific lines with flat lid, perfect for top-down bottles (tottles)
  • Customization with logo (on demand)
  • Benefits in product usage (our caps are easy to open thanks to their finger recess and hinged lid and they dispense the right amount of product without having to worry about large spills or over-pouring)
  • Recyclable


  • Lead time: 3-4 weeks max. (EW Giflor)
  • More than 300 colors, numerous shapes and different finishes available without surcharge
  • Possibility to combine 2 colors customizing the packaging without extra costs
    Bicolor option available for the following articles: 856, 855, 806, 838, 838 Pills, 838 Spices, 874.
  • Certified raw materials and top quality colorants

  • Sturdy materials and hinge to withstand frequent use
  • Lining service which guarantees extended shelf life and makes the package tamper evident. Products won’t leak during transport or when displayed and sold. Both oxidation, degradation and tampering can be avoided with a simple seal which adds very little to the final price tag. Various sealing options are available, including IHS (sealing through induction) and pressure sensitive sealing.

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