Eco Low Profile

Closures with low environmental impact.
These days, sustainable, eco-friendly packaging is not only requested by the market; above all, it’s something any company with an ethical, responsible approach to the market seeks to guarantee.
With this commitment in mind, Giflor has developed the Eco Low Profile line, in two categories, Bottles and Tubes. This range of products has been devised and developed to reduce environmental impact to a minimum, both during the production process and as regards the end product and supply chain.
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Thanks to the weight and extremely small size of the closures, it is possible to substantially reduce energy consumption and the amount of plastics used. Our Eco Low Profile line also guarantees considerable savings and lower logistics costs.
In the Eco Low Profile line, the closure teams simply and smoothly with the bottle to create a packaging in which the elements are perfectly integrated with one another.
Eco Low Profile Closures for Tubes is our most recent development in sustainable packaging, and is a natural step forward from the Eco Low Profile Closures line for Bottles.
This solution, 50% lighter than traditional closures, saves almost 5,000 kg of plastic per million tubes produced


  • Eco Low profile caps (reduced dimensions and weight, about 50% less compared to traditional caps)
  • Flip-top opening
  • Snap-on neck finish
  • Safe neck coupling to ensure a perfect fit on the relevant tube
  • Glossy finish
  • Customization with logo (on demand)
  • Recyclabile
  • Industrial patented


  • More than 50% logistics cost savings (packaging and transport)
  • Reduced energy and raw materials consumption during the production process
  • More tubes in the same truck, fewer trucks on the road, so, lower CO2 emissions
  • Lead time: 3-4 weeks max. (EW Giflor)
  • More than 300 colors available without surcharge
  • Certified raw materials and top quality colorants

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