Classic shapes with a sophisticated, timeless design:
elegance, flexibility and Italian design at its finest.

For Giflor, the Classics line represents a smooth, solid transition from the past to the future, encompassing 30 years of our history.

The wide Classics range is composed of extremely reliable, versatile closures with a contemporary design, which can be adapted to any kind of bottle.

From small, round closures for 50 ml bottles to the classic oval or mushroom-shaped caps, the hallmark of this line are the simple shapes and their reliability. Simple, functional closures, able to offer the perfect solution every time, whatever the customer’s needs.
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  • Different features to suit different neck and bottle requirements: screw-on or snap-on coupling, bore seal or crab claw sealing type
  • Flip-top, disc-top and screw-on opening options
  • Customization with logo (on-demand)
  • Recyclable


  • Lead time: 4 weeks max. (EW Giflor).
  • More than 350 colors available without surcharge
  • Certified raw materials and top quality colorants
  • Lining service which guarantees extended shelf life and makes the package tamper evident. (on demand)